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Wealthy Well

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Welcome to the official website of the documentary, Wealthy Well.

With more than 785 million people without access to clean water WE need to be the solution! Incredible wealth change is possible when clean water is present and this documentary sheds light on its impact. 

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About Wealthy Well

This documentary is about the great wealth change in a village after a water well is built and the simple acts of fundraising that can cause this. 

Wealthy Well explores the impact that access to clean water has on education, health, hygiene and women empowerment. 

With so much attention on the problem, we dive straight into the solution! Simple acts of fundraising can make a tangible impact on the world. We follow fundraisers of all ages and ethnicites as they come together for the cause of clean water and helping people they may never meet. It's a pay-it-forward film full of heart and hope! 


The Personal Why?

 Meisha Lee - Director's Story 

It all started when I saw an image of women collecting water from a filthy waterhole with cows standing in it! I was changed forever and I couldn't unsee it. But what could one person do? I made a promise to myself that I would try to do SOMETHING. Something was better than nothing. I started saving and fundraising for wells. With the help of my friends, family (and even strangers) donating $10 at a time, we raised money over the years to build 7 wells. These wells now give clean water to over 4000 people in Ghana, Uganda, Central Africa Republic, Haiti and India.

When clean water is accessible, communities are given a chance to THRIVE.

I know this story doesn't end with my community contributing ... it's just the beginning!  

This documentary will show how easy it is to do our part. When thousands of people realize they can be part of the solution and come together to give $10, then we will solve the need and make a great change to our world.

Please partner in with me, because where we were born should not dictate whether we have access to clean water.

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Ghana (Well #1) 

Location: 05.84370 N Longitude 000.31718W 

Serves : 700 People




Charity’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty, restore dignity, and inspire dreams. They work with in-country partners to build sustainable clean and safe water projects, the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty.


Fiscal Sponsor

From the Heart Productions Fiscal Sponsorship Program is uniquely designed to help independent filmmakers get their films funded. Their “boutique” program sets itself apart by offering hands-on personalized attention, support, and film funding advicefrom our board members and staff. They have over a quarter century of experience helping filmmakers raise money. Combined with offering donors tax deductions for donations, fiscal sponsorship with From the Heart Productions gives filmmakers a powerful ally along with exceptional tools with which to raise money for pre-production, production, or post-production.


Post Production

Quest Pacifica is an award-winning post-production boutique. They have a specialized team of motion picture editors, producers, colorists, sound mixers and VFX artists.

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Director of Photography

Reuben Aaronson has over 30 years in the industry as a cinematographer, director and producer.  

His awards include: 

-“The Thin Red Line”  nominated for seven Academy Awards

-“Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie” Academy Award for Best Documentary

-“Promises to Keep” Academy Award nominated

-“Fine Food, Fine Pastries Open 6 to 9” Academy Award nominated

-“Keepers of the Wild” Emmy Award and Peabody Award, National Geographic

-“The Last Frog” Emmy Winner, National Geographic

-“Becoming Human” Emmy Award winning, PBS 

-“Their Eyes Were Watching God” multiple Emmy Award nominated, ABC

“RX For Survival” Emmy Award nominated, PBS NOVA 

“Gauchos” Emmy Award, National Geographic

-”The Cost of Silence” Sundance 2020 Film Festival 

“The Ground Truth: After the Killing Ends” Sundance Film Festival 2006 and Academy Award nominated

-”River of Gold” Best Environmental Film of the Year at the International Environmental Film Festival  

-”Lords of the Garden, the Tree-top People of New Guinea” Houston International Film Festival; Best of Festival, CINE Film Festival, 

-”The Pursuit of the Shroud” silver medalist at New York Film Festival, 

-“American Masters” Emmy winning, Best Feature Documentary winner at Anchorage International & Middlebury New Filmmakers Film Festival

-“Strange Days on Planet Earth” winner Best Series at Wildscreen Film Festival



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